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Mulya’s journey began with a passion for textiles and a desire to create something truly unique. With a focus on providing value and brightening the lives of those who make and wear their textiles, Mulya has grown from training a single woman to providing workshops for skill development in the interior of Uttarakhand. The team at Mulya is dedicated to finding new ideas and striving to be better than yesterday

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Mulya’s contributions to Uttarakhand have received varying degrees of recognition and appreciation. Mulya was one of the Startup Uttarakhand 2020 winners for having a unique idea to encourage sustainable practises in the field of textile and recycling temple waste. In addition, Mulya facilitates skill development, conducts workshops in Uttarakhand’s interior, empowers women artisans, and works with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Sewa to support and aid in the development of the rural sector. Enabled by the Chief Minister, the Governor of Uttarakhand to continue the excellent job.

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